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An ozone air purifier or generator can help to make a room healthier. Ozone air purifiers will help you get fresh, clean and above all oxygen-rich air in any room. It also ensures that there are no more unpleasant odors from your pets or contaminated (medical) equipment in the room. You can use your ozone generator anywhere in your home or office to disinfect and clean air, appliances and liquids. In our webshop you will find different ozone generators, not only for air but also for cleaning water.


Maybe you think of ozone as a gas that is created by smog and warmer temperatures, because of this it has a somewhat negative charge. This is unjustified because it is a real natural air purifier. Without ozone, there would not even have been life on our planet. In the mountains at higher altitudes many people experience the air as clean and fresh, this is mainly due to the fact that there is more ozone in the air here. With an ozone air purifier you can get this effect in your home.


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What is ozone?

Ozone or O3 consists of 3 active oxygen atoms and is essentially an activated form of oxygen. Ozone is obtained under high electrical voltage, by colliding the oxygen atoms with electrons to form atomic oxygen. It may all sound scientific but what is important to know, ozone has powerful disinfecting and unique purifying properties.

Ozone air purifier for purifying the air

To explain the process a little further. The active oxygen molecules of ozone are unstable and look for stable (odour) molecules to bind to. This process is also called oxidation. In this way the polluter is broken down and the ozone ensures that stench and unpleasant odors are immediately removed from the air. Odours and pollutants are converted to odourless carbon dioxide and the ozone eventually reduces to oxygen. This not only makes the living and/or working environment where the ozone air purifier is located fresh again, but also oxygen-rich. Meditech Europe's ozone air purifiers purify quickly, effectively and in an environmentally friendly way. We have different types of ozone air purifiers available so there is a suitable ozone air purifier for every room.

Another application of the air purifier is to make liquids sterile. By means of a hose connected to the ozone air purifier it can be used to make liquids sterile, to clean oils and / or to ozonize.

An ozone air purifier can be used for many purposes. We would like to give you a complete picture of what the cleaner can be used for. It can help eliminate microorganisms, bacteria and (flu)viruses. As said before, it is a device that helps with air cleaning. Furthermore, it can support the disinfection and sterilization of food, vegetables and fruit. Another effect is the prolongation for preservation of vegetables, fruit, meat and fish. It can support the disinfection and sterilization of rooms and surfaces. Another application is the disinfection and sterilization of (medical) equipment.

Something that an ozone air purifier can be used a lot for, especially in the business atmosphere, is the removal of stench and odor after fire or water damage. In the private sphere we also see the use for removing smoke, tobacco odors, cooking air and unpleasant musty odors. At home it also helps to neutralize odors in pets. Another function of an ozone air purifier is to disinfect work spaces, remove yeast traces in the air and increase the oxygen concentration of the air. What is an ideal application of an ozone air purifier is the odor neutralization of cars, trucks and vans and the like. Although an ozone air purifier can offer a good solution here, it is of course always important to investigate the cause of the stench in advance and if possible remove the source.

What we would like to emphasize, however, is that air cleaning with an ozone air purifier is only recommended in low permitted concentrations or when there are no people or animals present in the room to be treated. During the treatment it is recommended to keep the room closed. Allow the room to air for fifteen minutes before entering it. Too high a concentration of ozone in the air can be harmful to health. However, ozone has a smell that is well detectable. After a room is ventilated, it is always clear when there is no more ozone in the air, because then you won't smell it anymore.

Where can I use an ozone air purifier?

Ozone air purifiers can be used in every room where there is a need for clean and fresh ambient air. Think of the house, at work, in a shop but also schools, sanitary rooms, caravans, warehouses, boats or kitchens and canteens. Do you doubt whether an ozone air purifier can offer a solution? If so, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to give you advice.

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At Meditech Europe we provide innovative health products, including ozone air purifiers. In addition to these products, we have many other products for personal health and a healthy living environment. If you are specifically looking for an ozone air purifier you've come to the right place at Meditech Europe! Our high quality products comply with existing regulations.


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