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Energydisc (7 cm)

Energydisc (7 cm)

Energydisc (7 cm)

An Energy Disc is a simple (quantum) energy generator and resonator. The combination of several simple techniques make it an interesting and multi-usable article that can be used to experiment with energy. The Energy Disc is made of aluminum, a material that is easy to manipulate for energy boost. You will see quick results.

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No magic or other spiritual matters. In itself, the technique is not something new, yet quite different in terms of application. Playing with energy is an inexhaustible source and inseparable from life itself. We get only a small portion of the available energy from our food. So, the rest comes from elsewhere. For example from the sun, the sky, from cosmic energy, your surroundings, even thoughts and breathing releases energy. Take it on a voyage of discovery and be surprised.

What are some options?

• The most rapid result you'll get when you put  a cup of coffee on it. The flavor will change within a second.
• Water will be softer and will taste lighter and with the Energy Disc under the dinner plate, the food will be pleasantly accepted by the stomach. The food will usually taste slightly altered and this generally becomes a pleasant experience. In general, expensive wine not always better in taste, while cheaper ones usually will taste better.
• You can energize water with it and give it to your pets and plants.
• Place the Energy Disc on a sore spot or injury.
• Give it to your child to play with and see what happens. Animals also find the energy enjoyable and often get calmer.
• The Energy Disc is also used to put on chakra points during treatments.
• Some people put it under their pillow and sleep better from it, this is really something that you should try.
• The sound of instruments get changed by it.
• You can energize seeds, water, drinks and food.
• People carry it with them a lot on the body or in a garment, while others carry it in a bag or wallet. Also, it can be worn on the body, often close to the solar plexus.

Meditech owner Hessel Hoornveld received the introduction to the energy-plates, also known as the Purple Energy Plate, from Ralph Bergstresser, who got him acquainted with this matter. He named it the Purple Energy Plate.

Meditech Europe has several multiple Plates in its range, because the difference in size is related to the effective operation of the various applications. We have an Energy disc with a diameter of 30 cm, which, because of its larger surface, has a more intense energy and is good for energizing larger quantities of water, for example when used in bathing and swimming in water basins. The water will feel different and softer.

You can of course find a comprehensive list of applications in the manual that comes as standard.

The Urmoor series chips may also be an interesting option for you!

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