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Colloidal Silver Essence 200 ml

Colloidal Silver Essence 200 ml

Colloidal Silver Essence 200 ml

High-energy and multi-spectrum colloidal silver

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Meditech Europe colloidal silver is used all over the world. In addition to the ionic silver water, we also make high-energy colloidal silver: Colloidal Silver Essence. The production process of this silver is carried out using the Multiwave Oscillator. The high-frequency current that is sent through the silver electrodes causes a very special reaction of the silver. The end result is the Colloidal Silver Essence.

Because of the high-energy silver ions, the 5PPM is more than enough for the human body. A higher PPM will be secreted by the body.

Let yourself be convinced by the beneficial, protective and purifying effects of the Colloidal Silver Essence.

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