Colloïdal Silver 10ppm, 500 ml

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This is the world famous ionic colloidal silver product with a guaranteed 10 PPM ionic silver content

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What is colloidal silver 10 PPM?

Colloidal silver is also called nano silver. It is a liquid suspension consisting of electrically charged microscopically small silver or gold particles in distilled water. These silver or gold particles can continue to suspend (float) in water without artificial additives or stabilizers. This is ionic colloidal silver, the most common and easy to make. It is a taste and odorless product. The gold or silver particles are so small that they have no toxic load on the body and are therefore safe to use.

Our tip: this format is a nice gift to someone who benefits from the many applications of colloidal silver 10 PPM.

How is colloidal silver 10 PPM applied?

Colloidal silver 10 PPM has many applications. We send you a manual with your order, because the law prohibits us from mentioning the specific applications or giving advice. In very general terms: a colloidal solution usually works to increase energy and purify.

Examples of applications by colloidal silver users 10 PPM:

  • Before and after tooth brushing, you could spray it twice in the mouth. Do not forget to spray the toothbrush after use.
  • On the go to purify water or to spray on the skin.
  • In case of minor discomforts on the skin.
  • We hear that many people use it as deodorant.
  • Suitable for the familiar irritations and multi-use.

What does the description 10 PPM stands for in this series of colloidal silver?

This description says something about the size of the amount of particles of silver in the solution. It is the standard size, in other colloidal silver products there is a higher quantity of particles of silver. It has long been known that the number of ppm does not determine the result, but the combination of production and packaging does.
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s:3:"100";% of 100
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Colloïdal Silver 10ppm, 500 ml

Colloïdal Silver 10ppm, 500 ml

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