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Slow juicer: quick hype or smart investment?

The new year is fresh and thinking of good intentions is another popular subject. "Living Healthier" is at the top of the list of many people. And whether that is...

Read more07-11-2016
The risks and alternatives to regular oral care

Do you also already for years brush your teeth with generous frothy, sweet-tasting toothpaste in various fresh colors? Rest assured, you're not alone. But, you just might become part of...

Read more07-11-2016
Reliable information on health

These are challenging times and an information overload presents itself to us in many ways. Consciously and many also unconsciously. The mainstream media are largely manipulated and the information that...

Read more07-11-2016
The 10 arguments to purify water

How pure is our tap water Not only the amount of water that you drink daily is important, but also its quality and properties determine how vital you feel. A...

Read more07-11-2016
The importance of clean air in your living environment

How important is clean air? Whether we like it or not, nowadays we spent a large part of the day indoors. We work inside, invite our friends and family inside,...

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Learn to play with energy with the Meditech Polarizer

What is a Polarizer? Take a Polarizer in your home if you are looking for more peace and balance. This namely neutralizes harmful and unwanted radiation of electromagnetic devices in...

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Daylight Lamps, the power of natural light

The power of natural light Natural daylight is essential to life on earth. Light regulates the biological processes in an organism and it has a positive effect on people, animals...

Read more07-11-2016