• Home delivery 5 days a week
  • We deduct automatic the VAT for Export outside EU.
  • We deduct automatic the VAT if you have an valid VAT ID.
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  • Pay as you want.
  • Reliable service
  • Worldwide Shipping!
  • Postal delivery outside EU just €20,66 ex VAT.
  • 14 days to review for your comfort

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Innovative products with a clear vision for health and living

Dear reader,

Please feel welcome at our new website.

It is a very special time as we speak. In a world full of development, which we use gratefully, stands word of mouth and reach of the internet and has taken our knowledge and products all over the world. It is a fact that our company foremost stands because of the social aspect, it is who we are.

Through years of experience, knowledge and connections, we can give a handle to move on. Our company is driven by passion and in science that ”Nothing is impossible!”


Meditech Europe

Hessel Hoornveld

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